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.Issue 1  –  28th September to 11th October 1998

Welcome to PC Alert.  Our philosophy is simple.  In a world awash with information, we alert you to what PC information is really important.

Every day our staff search the Web and scan computer journals looking for information of interest: the latest service releases, new patches for standard applications, great resource sites on the Internet, recent trends, really useful articles in journals, new virus problems.   Everything we think is important, reliable and accurate, and that IT professionals should know about, goes into PC Alert.

Every two weeks this information is delivered straight to your desk by email, with all references hyper-linked so that you can go straight to the source.

PC Alert is not an abstracting service. It’s an alert service. We simply tell you where the important information is, saving you the tedious job of searching the Internet and wading through the printed press.


.Issue 1  –  28th September to 11th October 1998

Essential Internet

Our list of sites with important new PC information,

helpful resource files and other items of interest.

Snork – yet another NT security hole

Yup, those hackers just don’t stop looking for loopholes in NT.  ‘Tis a shame that Microsoft makes their job so easy.


Yamaha upgrade “was infected”

Yamaha has apologised after a firmware upgrade for its CD-R drives posted to its Web site was infected with the CIH virus.  Read the excuses then check your systems.


Office 2000 – The Hype Begins

All you need to know about the next version, updated regularly.


IE5 Preview

Want to see how Internet Explorer 5 will perform?  Get the latest beta for free.


All the drivers you’ll ever need

links to all the hardware drivers you’ll need, on hundreds of vendor Web sites.  Covers Windows 9x now – NT coming soon.


Microsoft Security Advisories

Want an email each time Microsoft announces another security-related bug or patch for one of its products?


What’s New in IE5

The full list of new features is here.


Netscape 4.07

The latest version, unless you’d prefer the beta of 4.5.  A 15 MB download that brings you a Web browser, email, HTML editor, conferencing and messaging, and it’s all free.


Dial-up Networking Speed Tweaks

TweakDUN will, say its authors, change various registry settings to speed up DUN connections under Windows 9x and NT.  Save your company money and your users time.


Dial-up Networking 1.3

Improved DUN for Windows 95.  Now it works like Windows 98’s implementation



NT Security Tools In Abundance

Tons of useful apps for NT administrators.


RealSecure 3.0 – Intrusion Detection and Threat Management for NT

Stay one step ahead of the hackers.


Microsoft’s New Media Player

Microsoft has updated the Media Player for Windows 95 and 98, which now handles mp3. And unlike the RealAudio player, it won’t fire up your ISDN router in the background 12 times an hour, and cost you heaps in unnoticed and unnecessary phone calls.


NT FAQ Updated

The ultimate NT resource, updated almost daily.  An excellent troubleshooting resource.


Read the docs…

 Get the full list of all the major bugs fixed.


…then get the 23 MB download

Here’s the Office 97 Service Release 2 (assuming it’s back online, after it was pulled because so many people couldn’t get it to work)


Shareware for Novell

Dave’s Novell Shareware – the best source for cheap and free NetWare utilities that we’ve found so far.


Sneaky Utilities for NT

Including a FAT32 driver for NT4.  And Microsoft said it couldn’t be done.


Cheyenne Patches

Get updated versions of ARCserve, FAXserve, Remotely Possible and Innoculan.


No More Mr Nice Guy

What does the Network Associates takeover of Dr Solomon’s Software mean for customers?


The best shareware sites we know of




Want to evaluate Web browsers?

They’re all here, and most of them are free.


FTP Search Engine

You know the name of the file you want, but which ftp site is it on?


Meta –search Engine

Search altavista, lycos, yahoo, hotbot, excite, webcrawler and infoseek in one step.


Are all the apps on your machine up to date?

UpdateNow, from IMSI, will check automatically, so long as you download the client software and pay the annual subscription.



Adaptec Patches

New drivers for Adaptec hardware.  HotConnect 8920 driver v1.1 and HotConnect Ultra 8945 driver version 1.13.


Why won’t our Dell hardware run Win98?

Type in your machine’s serial number and the site will tell you whether it will or won’t.


10 million pages of info online, says Dell

Everything you need to know about keeping your Dell machines running


All the Internet software you need

Looking for Winsock software for use over your Intranet?  Try The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software.


Essential Reading

Our pick of the best of the world’s IT press articles.

Top 25 E-Commerce Sites

Want to see how it should be done?  This article lists the 25 sites which are, in the opinion of the magazine’s staff, the best examples of online trading around.

Internet Business Magazine, October 1998 www.ibmag.co.uk

The Complete PC Troubleshooting Guide

17 pages of tips, tricks and tweaks.  Recommended reading for anyone whose job involves looking after users’ PCs.

PC World, October 1998 www.pcworld.com

Server Test

Does a PC sold as a server really have better performance?  PC World tests 7, putting them through their paces as file, http and SQL servers.  If you’re looking to buy a server for such purposes, this article will save you time and money.

PC World, October 1998 www.pcworld.com

Bugged by Windows 98

Got a user with a problem installing the Windows 98 upgrade?  This article highlights some of the most common problems and shows where to go for the solution.

PC World, October 1998 www.pcworld.com

Hardware Reviews

Looking for some new kit?  The current issue of PC World has round-up reviews of graphics cards, power desktop PCs, notebooks, 17” monitors and modems.  PC Magazine also has a major roundup of 17” monitors.

PC World, October 1998 www.pcworld.com

PC Magazine (UK Edition) www.pcmag.co.uk

Get Yourself Noticed

Tips and techniques for registering your company’s site with the major search engines in the right way to ensure you attract as many visitors as possible.  Clicking the “add a site” button on the search engine is the easy part – more difficult is the right choice of keywords for your pages.

World Wide Web Guide Monthly, October 1998 www.webguidemag.com

NT Goes Multi-User

NT 4 Terminal Server Edition, which adds multi-user support, is the subject of an in-depth review in PC Mag’s UK edition.

PC Magazine (UK Edition) www.pcmag.co.uk

Group Tests

November’s issue of PCW looks at 10 450 MHz PCs, 13 3D graphics cards and 7 database software packages.

Personal Computer World (UK), November 1998 www.pcw.co.uk

Free NT Defragger

On the free CD accompanying PC Direct this month, you’ll find a free fully-working copy of Diskeeper Lite, the defragmenter for Windows NT.

PC Direct (UK Edition), October 1998 www.pcdirect.co.uk

IE5 In Depth

If you’re working on implementing an intranet, you’re probably using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the browser (because it’s free).  In MIND, you’ll find a thorough review and description of IE5 (which will ship with NT5 and Office 2000), written by the IE5 SDK development team at Microsoft.

Microsoft Interactive Developer, September 1998 www.microsoft.com/mind


Dynamic HTML and, specifically, DHTML Behaviors, are one of the major new features in IE5 and will provide much additional functionality to anyone doing Intranet development for use via Microsoft’s forthcoming browser.

Application Development Advisor, Sept/Oct 1998 www.sigs.com

Get Yourself Through

All you need to know about taking and passing Microsoft exam 70-87, “Implementing and supporting IIS 4.0”.

Windows NT Systems, October 1998 www.ntsystems.com

Scripting in Exchange Server 5.5

A recommended article on how to use scripting to customize your Exchange Server system.

 Windows NT Systems, October 1998 www.ntsystems.com

Windows NT Device Drivers

Need a good introduction to NT device drivers, aimed at experienced NT administrators?  You’ll find it here.

Windows NT Systems, October 1998 www.ntsystems.com

Choosing a Software Suite

A good look at some of the low cost alternatives to Microsoft Office

Australian Personal Computer, October 1998 www.apcmag.com.au

Secure that NT Web Server

Sixteen steps to securing your NT-based Web Server.  Essential reading, whether you’re connected to the outside world or just want to secure your Intranet.

Windows NT Magazine, September 1998 www.winntmag.com

Unattended Install Tricks

The easy way to manage roll-out of new NT software to corporate desktops.

Windows NT Magazine, September 1998 www.winntmag.com

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