Logo Contest - Additional Designs


Here is a listing other designs we received, apart than the finalists.  Where more than one design was submitted by an individual, we have selected for this page, the design we liked the most.

The extraordinary range of these contributions is a tribute to the creativity of our newsletter subscribers and site visitors. I heartily thank all who took the time and effort to send in an entry.  I am truly grateful for what you have done.

With a little more work some of these designs could undoubtedly become outstanding. If you like any of these designs better than the finalists then please say so in the comments at the end of the page

  5-Andreas Huber                    6-Bonnie Jean McPhail


  7-Bryan King                            8-Daniel Budd        


   9-Guenter Schott                 10-Jeffrey Brown


      11-John Coates                     12-Joseph Ngo


  13-Mahela Munasinghe       14-Mahesh S.


        15-Marc Darkin                           16-N.F.


  17-Nucleo                                         18-Ovidu Pantea


  19-Ross Stewart                             20-Roy Lumagbas       


  21-Scott Paulson                         22-Thomas Downs


   23-Tyson Gillmore


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