Listen to Random Pop and Rock Songs by Year for Free

This site lets you listen to random pop and rock songs by year for free. Just click a year and enjoy. is a site where you can click on any year from 1950-2010 and listen to a randomly generated pop/rock song released in that year.

Select the year of your choice, anywhere from the 1950’s all the way up to 2010 and a random song from that year opens on YouTube in a new window.

There’s a good mix of popular songs and songs from artists that aren’t well known, a good source for discovering new-to-you music.

Some songs generated a “Video unavailable. The uploader has not made this video available in your country” message. Usually a quick search found the same song where I could view the song.

If you’d like to create a playlist but don’t want to have or use a YouTube account, here’s how to create a playlist at YouTube without an account: Create YouTube Playlists Without an Account.

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