Kiwi Browser

A fast and quiet Android browser with Chrome extensions support and inventive designs.

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Our Score
License Free
Fast, supports Chrome extensions, built-in blockers, bottom toolbar, other useful tweaks and settings.
 Only runs in Android, no desktop syncing.

The desktop version of Google Chrome browser supports extensions that improve browsing experience and productivity. However, its mobile version does not do the same.

If you have been using desktop Chrome with useful extensions, you will certainly feel that this great feature is still missing when you use its mobile version.

Switch over to this inventive mobile Kiwi Browser that supports desktop Chrome extensions. Based on Google’s open-source browser Chromium, Kiwi is developed by Geometry OU and supported by a team of volunteers.

It is designed to be fast and quiet without annoyances when you browse the Internet, with useful features and settings to suit your needs. In particular, it supports most desktop Chrome extensions.

Kiwi allows moving the address bar from the top to the bottom of the app, making it easier for you to navigate with one hand. To enable this, select Settings from the three-dot menu, then go to Accessibility, and tick “Bottom toolbar”.

There is also a hand sign on the toolbar, with which you can go to the top of a webpage with just a single tap without the need to keep scrolling up.

Like other popular browsers, Kiwi includes an ad blocker and a pop-up blocker that remove most of intrusive ads and unwanted stuff. A whitelist is included for you to add site exceptions when the ad blocker is enabled.

Kiwi’s other features include cryptojacking protection, unblock Facebook Web Messenger, night mode, manage websites on the homepage, block annoying notifications and invasive trackers, import and export bookmarks.

With all these features offered, Kiwi sets it apart from other browsers, but unfortunately it does not have a desktop version other than the Android version. As a result, no syncing of bookmarks between several platforms is available other than resorting to imports and exports.

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