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                        Issue 25 -  3rd April 2000

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1.   Norton Antivirus Warning
2.   Microsoft Exportable Product List
3.   Win2k Security Tool
4.   Cisco Firewall Holes
5.   Office 2000 SR1
6.   IE5 Problems with Win2k
7.   Free Font Collection
8.   And free scripts too
9.   Netscape Update
10.  More Downloadable Linuces
11.  SupportTalk Discussion List
12.  Detecting Web Page Changes
13.  Freelink
14.  75 GB Hard Disk
15.  How effective is your help desk?
16.  Support pack blues


1.  Norton Antivirus Warning

Symantec has admitted that there's a bug in Norton Antivirus which can
render a PC unusable and require a complete OS reinstall.  It happens
if you install NAV on a machine which already has another competing
on-access scanner running.  The problem is rare, but has recently
affected a colleague of ours.



2.  Microsoft Exportable Product List

Consfused about the various international laws on encryption?  Need
to know which Microsoft products are banned in which countries?  Want
to send a copy of NT with 128-bit encryption to your French subsidiary
but need to ensure you won't be arrested for doing so?



3.  Win2k Security Tool

Microsoft has released v1.0 of the Windows 2000 Internet Server Security
Configuration Tool, which helps you secure a Web server running IIS 5.0.



4.  Cisco Firewall Holes

Cisco has admitted that there are some security problems with its PIX
firewall products which could leave protected systems open to attack.



5.  Office 2000 SR1

Microsoft has released a service pack for Office 2000.  There are
no major new features, but a number of bug fixes.



6.  IE5 Problems with Win2k

If you install the 128-bit security patch for IE5.x on Windows 2000
as part of an IEAK (IE Administration Kit) package, the Win2k box
will no longer allow users to logon.

If you are using the IEAK to roll out IE5, stop doing so until you
have checked out Microsoft's advice.



7.  Free Font Collection

The Web is awash with free fonts, but this site is one of the best.
Hundreds of fonts in TrueType format, most of which are available
free of charge.  And the Web site includes samples of every font so
there's no need to download anything except those that you like.

Next time you're asked to locate a new font for a company
brochure or Intranet site, there's no need to spend money
on fonts.



8.  And free scripts too

>From the people who brought you the getfonts site comes getscripts.  This
site has thousands of script files for use on Web and intranet sites,
in languages including JavaScript, VBscript and Perl.  Whether you want
a guest book, online database access, classified ads, voting, or
any of a dozen other features on your site, this will have the script
you need.



9.  Netscape Update

There's a new release of Netscape, which includes a few new features
and bug fixes.  The new release is 4.72, which is still not the
long-awaited version 5 that will apparently knock spots off IE5.



10.  More Downloadable Linuces

Linux is spreading outside the hobbyist world and is being used heavily
in the corporate arena.  There's even a book about Linux security now
in print, which reflects its growing popularity on mail and Web servers.

If you want to try it, both Corel and Redhat have downloadable versions.



11.  SupportTalk Discussion List

>From the publishers of PC Network Advisor and PC Support Advisor
comes SupportTalk, a free email discussion list for IT support
professionals.  To join, just send a blank email to the list manager
at supporttalk-subscribe@itp-journals.com.



12.  Detecting Web Page Changes

Various (expensive) security products will monitor a Web site and
inform you if any file changes.  You can then take action if it
is found that a page has been changed by a hacker.

Mr Hot is a shareware program that does the same thing.  It runs
under Windows and automatically monitors the "Last modified" dates. If
there is no such date, it uses checksums instead.



13.  Freelink

A new virus called VBS/Freelink is currently spreading around the world
rather fast.  It spreads by emailing itself as a message attachment. The
title of the message is "Check this" and the attachment (which you should
instruct your users not to run) is LINKS.VBS.



14.  75 GB Hard Disk

Technology moves on.  Well, IDE hard disks are now up to 75 GB.  It's
just a shame that backup devices aren't keeping pace.



15.  How Effective is Your Help Desk?

Measuring help desk performance is difficult, but is essential in
order to manage the operation correctly.  This article shows you
how it can be done.



16.  Support Pack Blues?

The featured article in the current issue of PC Network Advisor
(issue 117) is all about the 2 latest support packs for NetWare
4 and 5, including installation instructions plus full details of
the bugs that are now fixed.

You can read the full article online.



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