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                   Issue 100 - 20th August, 2003

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Quote of the Week

"Sometimes you have a programming problem and it seems like the
best solution is to use regular expressions; now you have two

From the gnosis.cx web site


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LAST ISSUE’S QUIZ: - "A subscriber gets an error message
whenever he right clicks on any icon and select "properties"
The message reads "RegOpenKeyEx: the specified module could not
be found." When he clicks OK everything works fine. What’s

ANSWER:  Here's the winning answer from Ken Hayes, a systems
programmer from Chicago: "The function RegOpenKeyEx()is used to
open a Registry key specified in the argument list. Unlike the
RegCreateKeyEx function, the RegOpenKeyEx function does not
create the specified key if the key does not exist in the
Registry. So the subscriber's error message is almost certainly
caused by the fact that the key does not exist. The fact that
the error is produced when "properties" is clicked suggests the
most likely culprit is a failed installation of a Support Pack
or Windows Update though a faulty installation and de-
installation of an application could also be a possibilty.
Fixing will unfortunately involve uninstalling all updates,
reverting to a prior system check point or a full Windows
reinstallation. As no harm is being done, it may be better to
live with the problem."

Nice work Ken, your copy of PestPatrol is now on its way to you.

THIS ISSUE’S QUIZ: Win a free copy of PestPatrol!

"Is it possible to boot Windows from a USB drive when there is
no motherboard USB drive support?"

Send your answer to the address below and win a copy of
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mailto:editor@techsupportalert.com.   Use the subject line "The
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 - Update Your CD/DVD Drive Firmware
 - Web Site Critiquing Service
 - Protected Documents Unlocked
 - Find that File Easily
 - Regular Expressions Explained
 - Excellent HTML Resource Site (SE Edition)
 - Insider's Tips for Better Rankings in Google (SE Edition)
 - Help for Users with Dynamic IPs (SE Edition)
 - Make Web Site Maintenance Easier (SE Edition)
 - Free Swiss Army Knife Utility
 - Tool for Managing Text Snippets
 - Power to Word Users
 - The Best Tabbed Internet Explorer Version for Free
 - Minimize Applications to the Taskbar
 - Read Linux ex2fs Files in Windows
 - Monitor Registry Changes (SE Edition)
 - Impressive Suite of Network Tools (SE Edition)
 - Low Cost Acrobat Creation Program Impresses (SE Edition)
 - Free XML Editor Shines (SE Edition)

 - Revised Patch for Flaw in Windows NT 4.0 (MS03-029)
 - Flaw in Cisco Aironet Aironet 1100 Access Points
 - Flaw in Oracle Business Suite and Database Server
 - Cheap USB Wireless Adaptor
 - Calculate Using Google
 - When is a ZIP not a ZIP?
 - Tech Support Failure
 - Word Documents Pose Hidden Security Risk
 - Wireless LAN Access for Cheapskates (SE Edition)
 - How to Properly Backup MS Outlook (SE Edition)
 - Solve the IE Window Size Problem (SE Edition)
 - Excellent Free Outlook & Outlook Express Guide (SE Edition)


 - Make AVI Videos of Your Desktop
 - Industrial Strength File Hiding and Encryption (SE Edition)

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Update Your CD/DVD Drive Firmware
Most users know that they can update their BIOS but not many
know that they can also update the firmware of (most) CD and DVD
drives. This site has full details plus some handy tips for
overcoming the region locking on your DVD drive.

Web Site Critiquing Service
Like to know how your website stacks up? AbleStable offers an
independent assessment service covering usability, navigation,
content and visual design.  I trialed their cheapest service
which costs $50, and their comments, while not flattering, were
both insightful and accurate and an excellent basis for further
improving the site.

Protected Documents Unlocked
The latest versions of MS Word offer strong RC4 password
protection of documents.  Don't feel too smug though about the
security of your documents as this site offers a 5-7 day
guaranteed decryption service. The site also offers dozen of
password breaking tools for specific products.

Find that File Easily
Looking for a particular file? Try searching at FileWatcher
where they claim they index over 300 million files on FTP and E-
Donkey. If you still can't find what you want, try the FTP
search over at AllTheWeb.

Regular Expressions Explained
Sooner or later every techie runs across "regular expressions"
either in programming or embedded in a software tool. This
excellent free tutorial explains what they are and their use.

** Bonus Items for Supporters **

- A first class set of free html resources
- Insider's tips from Google how to improve your site's ranking
- Help for users whose ISP allocates dynamic IP's
- A smart way to make web site site maintenance easier

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Free Swiss Army Knife Utility
Most utilities fall into a category but WireKeys does so many
different things that it's really in a class by itself.  It's a
Windows tray minimizer, a screen grabber, a clipboard utility, a
desktop switcher, a fast shutdown utility, a volume control and
about a dozen more things as well. All of the functions work
well though some not quite as slickly as the best specialized
utilities. However the fact that you can replace many utilities
with one is the real attraction here. (466KB)

Tool for Managing Text Snippets
Clipboard extenders fall into two categories: those designed to
handle multiple cut and paste operations and those designed to
handle the insertion of multiple snippets of boilerplate text or
code. SupaClip is definitely in the latter group and includes
some excellent facilities for serious boilerplate users
including the ability to classify your snippets under different
categories. It's well priced, too, at a mere $10.00 (735KB)

Power to Word Users
A lot of folks spend the greater part of the day working with MS
Word.  If you are in that group, you should check out WordWare
2002, a collection of over 40 productivity tools for the power
user. I particularly liked the project management utility which
allows you to conveniently group together and manage documents
relating to a single task or project. Wordware costs $39.95 and
there is a free trial version available. (2.82MB)

The Best Tabbed Internet Explorer Version for Free
Tabbed IE variants seem to be proliferating wildly and with good
reason. The one that I like most is a freeware product called
MyIE2. It works as a small efficient shell that sits over IE.
The advantage of this approach is that normal IE plug-ins like
the Google toolbar work fine in all the tabbed windows. The
longer I use MyIE2 the more I like it. In fact, when I go back
to the normal IE, it feels painfully cumbersome. It's freeware
so don't expect a lot of documentation but if you read the FAQ
from the support forum (see below) you'll have no problems.
There's no installation required as no registry changes are made
so it can happily co-exist with IE. (0.56MB)

Minimize Applications to the Taskbar
No doubt about it, the ability to minimize any application to a
task bar icon is extremely handy.  In fact, it's a real pity the
capability is not built into Windows. However there are many
third party utilities that will do the job. I've tried most and
each has its strengths and weaknesses.  Most notably, some
utilities cause instability while others don't work when
minimizing specific applications. I've had neither of these
problems with Actual Windows Minimizer.  On top of that, it also
has the handy feature of optionally minimizing to a screen edge.
Overall, a contender for best-in-class. Shareware, $17.95. A
full functioning trial download is available. (1.3MB)

Read Linux ex2fs Files in Windows
Readers running dual boot Windows/Linux systems will appreciate
this free utility which allows you to read, from within Windows,
files in ex2f partitions or on Linux formatted floppies. (356KB)

** Bonus Items for Supporters **

- a free utility that helps you monitor Registry changes
- an impressive suite of network tools that should in the
  the toolkit of every network manager
- an alternative to the full Adobe Acrobat product that does
  much the same thing at a fraction of the price.
- An impressive new XML editor that available for free

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No new Microsoft alerts have been issued since the last issue,
just a revision of a previous alert. Not surprising given all
the "publicity" they received over the Blaster worm ;>)

Revised Patch for Flaw in Windows NT 4.0 (MS03-029)
Microsoft has issued a revised patch because of "... a problem
with the security patch which specifically affects systems
which have the Remote Access Service (RAS) enabled on them. This
causes RAS to fail when the system is rebooted after applying
the patch."

Flaw in Cisco Aironet Aironet 1100 Access Points
Cisco has released patches for two flaws in its 1100 series
wireless access points. One flaw would allow an attacker to
discover valid user accounts.  The other could cause the access
point to crash and reboot.

Flaw in Oracle Business Suite and Database Server
Oracle has released three advisories and fixes for its products.
Two relate to the Oracle Business Suite and the third to a
serious buffer overflow problem in the Database server that
could allow an attacker to execute code of choice.


Cheap USB Wireless Adaptor
The tiny Linksys WUSB12 is little bigger than a USB flash drive
yet, with its popup aerial, achieves solid 802.11b wireless
performance. The USB connection is more flexible than a PCI or
PC Card solution yet has a street price of less than $60.

Calculate Using Google
Google has now added a calculation function to its ever growing
list of features.  Type something like 2+2 in the search box and
you'll see the calculator in action.  More details here:

When is a ZIP not a ZIP?
Vendors WinZip and PKWare have each released new versions of
their zip compression programs featuring improved encryption.
Unfortunately, the key standards are incompatible. This means
that from now on, there will be no guarantee that you can read
any ZIP file using any ZIP unpacking utility. Full story here:

Tech Support Failure
Consumer Reports Magazine is carrying an article claiming that,
according to a recent survey of 10,000 consumers, about one
third of computer tech support issues never get resolved.
Computer tech support rates close to bottom of the barrel, even
worse than cell phone support. The moral would seem to be that
consumers should take support quality more into account when
they buy software - not just price and functionality.

Word Documents Pose Hidden Security Risk
Now here's an interesting twist. MS Word and other editing
programs embed in their files, hidden information about recent
document changes, even though this information is not displayed.
However this "hidden" information can be retrieved using special
software. So, if someone posts their resume as a Word DOC file
but with their social security number deleted, it could easily
be recovered. Actually this threat covers all Word documents,
not just those posted online. Full story here:

** Bonus Items for Supporters **

- A wireless LAN Access method for cheapskates
- A free guide how to properly backup MS Outlook
- A solution to the annoying bug where Internet Explorer
  get "stuck" in a particular window size.
- An excellent free 100 page Outlook & Outlook Express guide


Make AVI Videos of Your Desktop
Screen grabbers are useful but sometimes you need to capture
what you are actually doing on the screen.  That's exactly what
you can do using the free utility "Buleny's Screen Recorder." It
will "film" all the action from your desktop or specific windows
to an AVI file and optionally include cursor movements. Just the
thing for making small tutorials.  (548KB)

** Bonus Freebie for Supporters **

Free Industrial Strength File Hiding and Encryption
This free utility that allows you to send confidential files
over the net securely encrypted using a bmp image file as a
container. The utility supports Blowfish, Twofish and Rijndael
encryption with a key length up to 256 bits. The latter two
methods are believed to be uncrackable with today's technology.
Note: Use of this product may be illegal in some countries.

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