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Install Creator is a fast and convenient Windows setup builder.

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Setups created with the free version show an ad

Clickteam Install Creator is probably the fastest and most convenient setup builder from the ones I reviewed. It has a basic yet very effective GUI and the wizard takes you through the major steps quickly. My first project was done in minutes and it worked like breeze.

When the wizard finishes you still have all the options you picked available for change through the tabbed program interface. In case you want to distribute several executables you have to add the start menu and desktop shortcuts anyways because the wizard can only create one. But this task is as easy as selecting the file on the left and enter the shortcut info on the right.

I specifically like the option to easily change all texts of the setup, even the one in the Welcome dialog. The setup window itself can be set to dialog or full-screen mode (a gradient background fill like in the old Windows days) and bitmaps and icons are freely selectable.

Install Creator is missing more professional features like adding registry entries, different setup packages or languages. But that was not the goal of this software and it perfectly balances simplicity and necessity. It is a great choice for quickly distributing files if you do not want to run through a high learning curve for setup building.

The freeware version is fully functional, however, each setup you create shows an advertising dialog at the end with a link to the developers website.

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