Inoreader is a clean, simple and yet powerful content reader for news feeds and web articles.

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License Free
Simple and clean user interface, read news feeds and saved web pages, across multiple platforms and browser extensions available.
Ad-supported on the web version, advanced features such as Inoreader for teams are not free.

Inoreader is a clean and simple content reader allowing you, either as an average or power user, to subscribe to RSS or news feeds and read articles from the feeds. It is also an impressive reader for you to digest any web articles from the links you’ve shared to your Inoreader account via a web browser.

To add a subscription, you can choose any of the feeds from hundreds of sources in more than 20 topics such as Technology, Business & Finance, Movies, Music, News & Politics, Health & Life, Art & Culture, etc., included in the app. Tap a feed you like and tap “Subscribe” to add to your list of feeds.

Besides choosing one from the list, you can also add a particular feed you need. Just enter a keyword in the Search box, then select one of the entries appearing on top of the search results, and tap “Subscribe”. It is as smart and simple as that.

From the Quick Options, the app lets you manage your feed subscriptions very easily, either sort your list of subscriptions alphabetically or re-order it to the way you like, show only updated feeds, show feed icons or remove a subscription from the list.

While reading a feed, you can add it to your favorite list by tapping a star, mark the feed as unread or categorize it with a tag. All these make you find and get back to the feeds of your interest conveniently.

Browsing through feeds is user friendly with this app. Swiping left or right gets you to the next or previous feed, and swiping up a feed on the screen opens up the original article in its website.

Other than reading articles from subscriptions, you can also view articles from the web that you find interesting. To do so, either copy and paste a weblink directly to the Saved pages of Inoreader, or while reading an article on a mobile web browser, simply tap the Share button then choose Inoreader. This easily saves the webpage for reading with Inoreader in Saved pages.

For desktop web browsers, you can get a Firefox addon or a Chrome extension for Inoreader Companion that helps you preview, subscribe to feeds or save a webpage to Inoreader. It is a great helper and a time saver. If you’re coming from other feed readers, the Inoreader web version has a function to import your subscriptions from an OPML file too.

In addition to its online service, Inoreader’s mobile app is one of the strong contenders and it works perfectly as what a content reader is supposed to do with news feeds and web articles, without unnecessary frills and hassles.

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