How to Make Firefox Load Faster



Firefox may run quickly but it loads slowly; here's how to fix it.

(This tip is for experienced computer users only.)

You can slash Firefox's slow load time by compressing the DLLs and executables. There are many choices for compression but I suggest you use UPX which is free, efficient and time proven.


  1. Download UPX from
  2. Unzip upx.exe into your Firefox installation folder which is normally C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Make sure Firefox is not running then shell to a command prompt in the Firefox installation directory.
  4. Type in the following command in a single line and hit return:

    for %v in (*.exe *.dll components\*.dll plugins\*.dll) do upx "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\%v"
  5. If on some later occasion you want to unpack the files, just type in the command above but add the decompression switch "-d" after "do upx."


That's it; enjoy the difference!


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"How to Make Firefox Load Faster"

Defrag HD......?

Does anyone know how to reduce the amount of memory that Firefox requires ?
On my system, with 10 windows open, the memory usage is 1.2 GB !

And yes, Im running a recent version of Firefox

Memory and CPU are there to be used and unless you have a low powered system that Firefox is adversely affecting, I would just ignore it.. These things are also OS specific. I use the cross-platform Slimjet browser on both Linux and Windows. Slimjet has one of the smallest memory footprints around but even so the Linux version uses a lot less than the Windows equivalent. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks for your reply
Unfortunately Firefox definitely runs slow on my computer (recently virus scanned), and Im sure my setup is a common one (Windows 7 &, 4GB RAM), so the problem cant be ignored. As a last resort, I have switched to Opera portable
1.2 GB of memory usage is a lot just to read 5-10 internet pages !

I didn't understand what you meant when you said "then SHELL to a command prompt in the Firefox installation directory"

Thank you

he means that you run "cmd" program from start menu, then change the directory to Firefox installation directory. for example:in the cmd screen you may type the command:

cd C:\Program files\Firefox

press Enter

you should get the screen as follows:

C:\Program Files\Firefox>
Now you type the command that he mentioned in the post regarding UPX