How To Use WhatsApp Animated Stickers

Learn How To Use WhatsApp Animated Stickers to your messages seasily in a few steps.

WhatsApp Animated StickersAnimated stickers are a welcome addition to instant messaging apps. They express your views and opinions more lively and strongly than static stickers and tiny emojis in a quick and clear reply to messages.

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has no exception and it takes to Twitter, Signal, Telegram and other blogging and messaging services to offer in-app animated stickers.

Before using animated Stickers in WhatsApp, add them to the app following these steps:

  1. Open a chat and tap Emoji > Stickers > Add
  2. Tap “Download” next to an animated sticker pack marked with a Play button
  3. The sticker pack will then add to the list of “My Stickers”, available for you to choose the stickers in a conversation.

After downloading a sticker pack, using an animated sticker is as simple as follows:

  1. Open a chat and tap Emoji > Stickers
  2. Select a sticker pack and tap an animated sticker to send instantly.

In WhatsApp, both static and animated stickers are categorized into these groups: Love, Greetings, Happy, Sad, Angry, and Celebrate. Just tap Search or the Heart box to view a set of categories and look for a specific sticker to use.

Besides the in-app static and animated stickers, you can add more stickers to WhatsApp by downloading sticker apps from the Google Play Store on Android mobile devices, or try WhatSticker, one of the best sticker apps with great features and a rich library of stickers published by creative artists for sharing.

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