How To Switch from LastPass to Bitwarden

LastPass is making changes to its free plan, here’s how to switch from LastPass to Bitwarden.

Next month (April 2021) LastPass users with a free account will be limited to synchronizing data to one type of device.

Currently you can sync data between computers and mobile devices. After March, you will be able to sync computer to computer, or mobile to mobile, on the free plan.

If you’re looking for an alternative, we recommend Bitwarden. It is our editor’s choice for a password manager.

Changing from LastPass to Bitwarden isn’t difficult. Check How To Change From LastPass To Bitwarden for step by step directions.

If you’re staying with LastPass and need to decide which platform to stay with, it might be helpful to know that trackers have been found on the Android version of LastPass. They appear benign, but tracking of any sort in a password app may not be what you want.

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