How to Move Your OneDrive Folder to a New Location on Windows

It’s quite easy to move your OneDrive folder to a new location like another drive or partition that has enough space.

In File Explorer, you can access files in the OneDrive folder after signing in with the OneDrive app installed. When files are needed from the cloud, OneDrive by default downloads and stores them to the user’s folder on the C Drive, the same drive that contains the Windows operating system.

To ensure that your operating system always has enough space on the C drive for best performance, never occupy that limited space with your OneDrive, which may grow up to 5GB of free storage with lots of pictures and documents.

If you have two or more partitions on your hard disk drive, or an SSD drive and a hard disk drive in your computer, it’s quite easy to move your OneDrive default folder to another drive or partition that has enough space, without the need to re-sync the files already stored locally on your computer.

The process involves several steps, but it is as simple as to unlink the account, change the location and select a new folder for OneDrive. Here is the guide (based on Windows 10):

  1. Right click OneDrive in File Explorer and select Settings from the menu.
  2. Under the Account tab, click Unlink this PC, then click Unlink account. The OneDrive folder will then disappear from the File Explorer.
  3. Enter your email address and credential to sign in and set up OneDrive again in a pop-up window.
  4. Click Change location on the bottom-left of the Your OneDrive folder screen.
  5. Browse to another drive or partition, and right click an empty space in the right panel of File Explorer, click New and Folder and name the new folder as OneDrive.
  6. Click Select Folder , and a new location will be indicated. Click Next to confirm.
  7. Select the folders you want to sync in OneDrive, and click Continue to back up your folders.
  8. Skip the offers in the next few steps until the end, then click Open my OneDrive folder.

To ensure that you’ve moved to a new location for your OneDrive files on your computer, right click OneDrive in File Explorer, select Properties to check its location. That’s it.

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