How to link to other sites


We are concerned about this area because our site is judged by who we link to. There are now several 'safe surf' site-checking websites and browser add-ons, and although they mainly look at site content and available downloads, they also check these at sites we link to. If we link to a bad site it affects our own rating.

That means we would be shown as a risky site, and also it affects how search engines see us as they also take this into account.

So please observe the following points when linking to other sites from our site

1. Never link directly to files. Link instead to the page containing the file:



If there is no page hosting the file, and only a direct link can be given, then obfuscate (make unclear) the link, like these two examples. You can give an explanation of how to rebuild the link -

someonesfile [DOT] exe
http [COLON] // [DOT] zip

[ you can rebuild this link by replacing [colon] with a : and [dot] with a . ]

2. Before you insert any links to other sites please check the security rating for the site at

3. Only include links to sites that have a green rating at WOT.

4. If a site is orange rated at WOT and you have strong reason to believe the site is reputable then you can include a link as plain text in an obscured format in the following example.

Disguised: goodsite[DOT]com/downloads/index.htm

5. Links to sites rated red at WOT are never to be used in any circumstances even in obscured form.

6. The Firefox toolbar add-on LinkExtend can additionally be used for personal information - but the WOT rating will be our guide. You can get a WOT Firefox add-on that makes checking a site much quicker. The add-on can be disabled with one click.

7. The same rules apply to our forum


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