How to Disable the New Copy and Paste Feature in Edge

Follow these simple steps to disable Edge’s new feature to copy and paste links.

If you found yourself more than a little perplexed when you copied and pasted a URL from Microsoft Edge and it wasn’t the usual URL, it’s not you. Microsoft Edge has started copying URLs as a hyperlinked title instead of the URL.

What URLs look like in other browsers:

How they look in newer versions of Edge:

Gizmo’s Best (

This new change may work for you. If not, here’s how to disable the feature:

  1. Click “Settings” from the three dot menu in the upper right.
  2. Select “Share, copy, and paste” in the sidebar to the left.
  3. Click or tap the box that says “Plain Text”.

Or, copy and paste this entry into the address bar and press Enter:
Select the Plain text box.

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