How to Convert a Stub to a Review


Whenever someone makes a useful suggestion for a new software category we create a stub for that category.

A stub is simply a review with a proper title and URL but no content. In other words, a review waiting to be written.

The advantage of having a stub is that it gets the software category into our site listings and this in turn encourages users to add comments. When an editor finally takes on the task of writing the review he has the comments available as a resource. Another advantage of having a stub is that it encourages someone to volunteer as the editor for that category.

Converting a stub to a full review

The task of converting a stub is much the same as creating a new software category so you can pretty well follow the same instructions.  There is however one significant difference:

With a stub your review page already exists and does not have to be created. Instead you need to modify the existing stub to become your review page.  So you can skip most of the tasks in Step A in the instructions for creating a new software category.  Instead substitute these tasks:

Step A.

1. Open your stub in the online editor.

2. In the Title box delete the words "(Stub only)"

3. The software category reviews on our site are in a standard format  while stubs are not so you need to convert the main body of the stub to that format .  You do that by generating a skeleton outline of the page in standard format by using a special script. To generate the skeleton outline do this:

a. Go this this page. This will open in new tab or window in your  browser.

b. In the new tab or windows click the box labeled "Create Sample Article."  This will generate in the box below, the html code for your review skeleton template.

c. Left click anywhere in the box below headed "Code to be inserted in your article" and press

Ctrl A to select the html contents of the box then Ctrl C to copy the code to your clipboard.

d. Return to the tab in your browser where you are creating your new review. Right click anywhere in the "Article text box" then click on the first icon in the text editor toolbar. That's the one labeled "Source."  This switches the editor to source mode which allows you to enter raw html code rather than text.

e. Left click anywhere in the editor box and enter Ctrl V to paste the copied html template code into your review.

f. Click the Source icon on the editor toolbar. This will return the editor to text mode and you should be able to see the review template looking something like the screenshot below.
















4.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit"  to save your work.

You now procede with Step B in the instructions for creating a new software category