Hay Day

You don’t have to be from a farm to be a great farmer. Check out Hay Day.

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Rich in design, well-thought elements, educational and challenging, multiple levels.
Fast tracks with in-app purchases.

Hay Day is a fascinating farming game that lets you work the land, tend to your crops, fish the waters, produce and trade goods with neighbors and friends.

The gameplay is simple and easy to follow. First there are fields to grow crops, then several mills to turn crops into feeds. You can drag these feeds to furry animals like chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and others for them to produce respective goods including eggs, milk, bacon, wool, etc.

The more interesting part of this game is that it allows you to interactive with other users through the market. You can trade goods at a roadside shop for coins with help of your advertisement. You can also buy goods from a newsstand to stock up or resell them for a profit.

Even though it is a slow-paced game, it is challenging enough as you need to keep a good balance of raw materials and stocks in a silo and a barn, both of which are very limited in size. You will need to use hard-earned tools like screws, woods and nails to increase storage capacity so that your game progress is not held up.

With this game app, you can connect your account to Facebook and see your Facebook friend’s farms. Moreover, you can help each other by exchanging goods silently without announcing to public players through the advertisement.

As you harvest crops and collect feeds, you gain more stars to unlock new levels for more elements and challenges. At each level, you can gain coins and diamonds for use to buy goods and extend features of the game. It’s absolutely free to play this game but it also allows you to spend real money to buy virtual coins and diamonds to grow your farm fast.

This game is fun and educational. It is suitable for all ages and can last you for months and even years as there are seemingly endless levels to explore.

Hay Day is extremely popular among players and it has achieved more than 100 million installs from Google Play. Can they all be wrong?

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