Happy Birthday Gizmo's Freeware!



Gizmo’s Freeware Has Just Turned One!

Our site is one year old this week. On the 11th of May 2008, Gizmo’s Freeware went live for the first time. On that date Gizmo’s old Tech Support Alert site was shut down and all traffic redirected to the current community based site.

It was a bold move. The old site had been around since October 2000 and during that time had become wildly popular as the home of Gizmo’s classic “46 Best-ever Freeware” list. It was a time-proven formula that worked.

The new site would not be the work of one man but a community of 60+volunteers. Furthermore it would have wiki-style features that would allow site visitors to contribute as well. It seemed like a good idea but there were many uncertainties.

One year on, all the uncertainties are gone. Gizmos’ Freeware has been a huge success. Indeed when you look at the site as it was one year ago the progress has been extraordinary.

Some of the highlights of our first year

The number of people using the site has increased in a big way, with the site now serving more than 2.5 million pages each month. Many thanks to our users for the vote of confidence.

Our community of volunteer editors has increased even further. The team now numbers over 80 with additional volunteers being added all the time. This means more reviews for our users covering a wider range of products.

We’ve improved the look of the site with a new logo and theme created by our volunteer editors. We hope this means the site is more pleasing to visit and easier to use. All reviews are now in a standard format which provides site visitors with a written product comparison along with a quick selection guide.

We’ve added user ratings to all our articles so you can tell us what you think. We have added a new freeware forum to the site where you can ask questions, request help, suggest improvements or just chat.

The number of software categories covered by the site has expanded from around 120 to well over 200. We’ve added new sections for free game software and free educational software. The site now has a Hot Finds section and a Tech Treats column so regular site visitors can find out our most recent discoveries. We’ve added a highly popular RSS feed with over 50,000 subscribers so our users can stay informed with what’s happening in the freeware world.

We’ve added a Spanish language section for our Hispanic users. Most important of all we’ve managed to do all this on a shoestring budget without carrying any paid ads on our site. That means that what you read on our site is candid and without commercial bias.

Gizmo’s Freeware is a community site. It’s here to provide a service to you. Our aim is to provide the best service possible to help you select the freeware products suited to your needs.

In the next year we plan to expand further the range of software covered, add new sections for Mac, Linux and website / server software, make it easier for users to select products, add more foreign language sections, expand our video tutorials and much more.

Stay tuned -- the best is yet to come.

The Gizmo’s Freeware Team
May 2009