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GPS Coordinates

GPS Coordinates

A handy tool to search, save and share GPS coordinates of your locations.

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License Free (Ads)
Link my-location.org
GPS Coordinates
Address and GPS coordinates converter, various types of maps, save and share features.
Some room for improvement in the user interface.

It is common for automotive navigation system to be equipped with a digital map to facilitate finding locations or points of interest swiftly with an address.

In case an address cannot be identified by the system, we also have another solution where we are allowed to enter GPS coordinates, which are latitude and longitude of a location, into the system to find a place.

You can easily get GPS coordinates of a location from Google Maps. In a web browser, point and right-click a place on Google Maps, click on “What’s here?”. It then tells you its address alongside GPS coordinates in decimal degrees.

Likewise in the Google Maps mobile app, just tap and hold a location until you see a red pin, then look in the search box at the top of the screen for its GPS coordinates on an Android device.

Besides using Google Maps, you can also head to my-location.org in a browser, and share your location with a link containing the GPS coordinates, or even use its free Android mobile app GPS Coordinates to do more. It is particularly handy for use when you’re on the move.

Powered by a Google map, GPS Coordinates lets you search any location either with an address, or latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees. It has a converter ready for you to convert an address to GPS coordinates or vice versa.

In this app, you can save and keep a list of all locations of your interest. Whenever you need to share a location, just tap one from the list to share with your friends. This helps them to easily identify your location not only with an address but also GPS coordinates that can be entered into automotive navigation system.

GPS Coordinates supports various types of maps including satellite, terrain, hybrid or normal. It is free for use and configurable with various settings.

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