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Glary Utilities is a great collection of Windows maintenance tools. It helps you keep your system clean and up-to-date. Surely it is a CCleaner alternative that many look for.

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License Free
Compact and a wide variety of system maintenance features
Main window not resizable – UI a bit cumbersome

Are you also a bit fed up with CCleaner‘s intrusive behavior and bundled software? Windows Defender even classifies it as malware meanwhile.

Glary Utilities is mentioned a lot when talking about CCleaner alternatives, so I gave it a test drive. And I am glad I did.

Glary Utilities installs with no bundled software and presents itself in a clean and intuitive interface when it starts. The Overview tab shows some basic information while you have a launch bar at the bottom to go to the different features it provides.

The 1-click Maintenance tab should be your first stop. Check there what you want Glary Utilities to analyze and start the preview. Nothing will be deleted yet but GU will show you what it finds and what it thinks are candidates for a cleanup. Several “Show Details” links lead to a detailed list of what was found. After the analysis, the button will turn green and say “Repair Problems”. You can go ahead with clicking it to clean up the findings.

Cleanup & Repair

Further options in the Cleanup & Repair section are Registry Repair, Shortcut Fixer, Duplicate Files Finder, Empty Folders Finder, Context Menu Manager and an amazing Uninstall Manager. The latter can filter your installed programs by size or usage and can show you the Windows updates you have installed.

Optimize & Improve

This section offers a Startup Manager, Disk Defrag, Memory Optimizer, Registry Defrag, Check Disk, Driver Manager and Software Update. Software Update scans you PC for several popular tools and checks whether there are newer versions available than the ones you have currently in use. The result is opened in your browser from where links to the updates of those programs are offered. This is done via which apparently is provided by Glarysoft as well.

Privacy & Security

This section emphasizes on your data privacy and security features. It contains features like Tracks Eraser, File Shredder, File Undelete, File Encrypter, Browser Assistant and Process Manager. The Process Manager is worth a try. It shows a list of processes running on your computer sorted by its system load (rating). You can end or block processes or show more details about them.

Files & Folders

In the Files & Folders section includes a very useful Disk Space Analyzer that shows you great charts about folders and the size they occupy on your drive. There is also a File Splitter and Quick Search feature available here.

System Tools

From the System Tools section you can launch helpful tools coming with Windows, e.g. System Backup or Repair File System. You can also backup and restore your Registry from here plus open a System Information window telling you everything about your system hardware and software.

I can’t find anything to complain about really. Glary Utilities is a top choice for a system maintenance tool, and it is freeware. I find the font size a bit small and I didn’t like that the main window cannot be resized. In times of high res screens and large monitors it can be a bit hard to read. Many features open in a separate window and you might have quite a few open after playing around with all the great options it offers.

Glary Utilities is definitely a keeper for me and kicks out CCleaner from my desktop computer.

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One thought on “Glary Utilities

  • 2021-09-01 at 14:20

    Glary Utilities is indeed an excellent prog. However, I am finding that Glary, CC Cleaner , etc.are being flagged by Microsoft, and partly blocked, and my old favourite, Malwarebytes had to be uninstalled, as it slowed the PC to a standstill. This has happened after a gigantic update from Windows, and of Firefox. I once had a PC which functioned beautifully. That was a couple of weeks ago now, before the updates wrecked my system completely,
    I now have a slow, lumbering, useless brute which defies all efforts to get it to resemble the PC which it once was, just days ago.


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