How to Get and Setup Your Personal Email Address


All registered Category Editors are entitled to a personal email address.

There are some real advantages in having your own email address from this site:

  • First it allows you segregate site email from your normal email account.
  • Second it provides a degree of privacy as you never have to reveal your true email address in correspondence with site visitors.
  • Finally it provides credibility in dealing with software vendors. An email from a Category Editor at this site will carry much more weight than a personal email address.

If you want a personal email address, write to Gizmo using the site Contact form. Our preferred form for your email address is to use your login name for the local-part (the bit to the left of the @) but you may use an alternative if you wish. State what address you would like. Provide a couple of options as your first choice may be taken.

What to do when you get your email address

You can access your mail via webmail from the category editors menu in the sidebar or from here:

The first time you access your webmail, you may get a warning message saying that the root certificate of the server is not registered. That's fine just say "Accept".

Login using the username and password provided by Gizmo.

Once logged in, you have a choice of using three different webmail programs: horde, RoundCube or SquirrelMail. Try each and decide which best suits you. You are not locked in; you can use either at any time.

If you want to forward your webmail to another account, you can do this using the "Forwarding Options".

If you want to collect your mail using a POP3 or IMAP client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you can find the configuration settings for your client under "Configure Email Client".

I suggest you send yourself a test email from another account and then login to the webmail interface to see if it is there. If you setup email forwarding then also please check your test email is being forwarded.

One last thing. If you want your new email address to be used as the contact email address for your category reviews on then go to the website, login and click My account/Edit and enter your new address in the form. Click submit and you are done.

Your new email address should not get spammed as it is never publicly revealed on the website.



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