How to Delete Emails All At Once in Gmail

If your Inbox is filling up or you just want to clean it out, here’s how to delete all of your emails in Gmail at once.

If your Gmail inbox gets full or you want to clear it out, here’s how to delete hundreds of messages at the same time.

To get started, open a web browser and go to your Gmail account.
Type in: anywhere in the search box.
All your emails will be displayed here, including messages in your Spam and Trash folders, with more filter option below the search bar.

To delete all messages, select the box with the arrow at the top of the messages list to select all email. Checkmarks will appear next to each email.
Click the trash can icon to delete them.

If you don’t want to delete everything, you can click on the All Mail folder on the left (you may have to click More on the left to see the folder) or type Label: All Mail in the search box. More options to filter email will appear.
To delete an email, check the box next the message and click the Trash icon. To select all messages, check the box with the arrow at the top of your inbox, then click the Trash button to delete them.
Want to delete messages in a particular folder? Select the folder from the left, click the box with the arrow at the top to select all email, then click the Trash icon.

What if you have hundreds of messages? You can change how many emails are shown by going to the gear icon, choosing See all settings, and change the Maximum page size (up to 100) that you want to see.
If you want to permanently delete messages, go to the Trash folder (you may have to click More on the left to see the folder), and click Empty Trash now. To delete selected messages, select the email you want to delete using the box with the arrow and clicking the Delete forever button.
Gmail will keep the items in the trash for 30 days before permanently deleting them.

If you want to filter or delete email using more options, here’s a guide to the search operators you can use in Gmail:
Search operators you can use with Gmail

If you want to Customize your inbox, including multiple inboxes, get directions for computer, Android, iPhone and iPad here:
Change your Gmail inbox layout

Note: if you use an email program like Thunderbird to access your Gmail with IMAP, results may not be as accurate as the Gmail web app.

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