Our Freeware Forums Have Moved!


Go to the new Freeware Forums... Click the following link to go now to the new forums:


On the 16th of February 2009 we will be moving our freeware forums to a new address as part of a major upgrade to our forum software.

The new software will offer many advantages to our forum users including the ability to be notified automatically by email when someone answers your questions. It will also look more like a traditional web forum and offer the traditional features such as the ability to have your own avatars.

Your username and password will be automatically passed through to the forum when you log in here at the TSA main site. Just login here as usual and follow the link to the forum.

Sometimes it might happen that your forum session expires earlier than your TSA session. You will notice that you are still logged in to TSA but not to the forum. In that case just go back to the main site, log out and then log back in.

We will be transferring the most recent posts in the old forum to the new forum but old posts will not be transferred .  That means we will be starting with a fresh clean set of forums.

If for whatever reason you wish to access the old forums then click here. However any new posts to the old forum will not be answered.

Click the following link to go now to the new forums: