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Default Questions on establishing adequate website

Dear Forum-community, My desire is to create a business, the profit of which is based on the membership subscription fee of the website.
It would be immensely appreciated if someone could help me overcome my own capacities!
The website will consist of a couple hundred pages. To navigate the pages there will be a horizontal menu(main menu) & Vertical menu - this includes submenus.

I have checked out software like Wix and menu others and while something like Dreamweaver sounds ideal i cannot afford it. I do not mind subscribing to a webdesign tool, afterall thats what im looking for..

Here is what i need: A tool that lets me manage interface, Independant navigation menus, Vertical menu needs submenu.. Nothing fancy, just esthetic and efficient.
Step 2: All the content of pages will be available only to members of the site. When the page is accessed the page provides promotion for the product. When one subscribes to membership, All pages can be accessed.

Can someone show me in the direction of a product from which i can arrange all necessary content to then upload on my domain..?
Also, How do you create member-only pages on said product or as per html coding.
Please Help, I want to start Working!! tc, Phil
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I have changed the topic of the thread to better suit our freeware forum.

Please note that we will not allow discussion/mention of any commercial software. So, if you are looking for one, our forum is not the place for it.
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SharePoint Designer 2007 should be easy for you.

You should read up on CSS3, HTML5 and responsive web design.
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