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Default Can a website be used as a blog?

I am a real newbie when it comes to websites. I have my own websiten Its a barebones website hosted by godaddy and would also like to use it for a blog. I purchased a blog site from godaddy for a year and it will expire soon. I plan to keep my page for a long time and will let my son take it over. I kinda like my website name and I want to expand it to include stuff that interest's me. Any suggestions?


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Well, you could use the Wordpress blog app, it can be made to look almost any way you want. In other words you can have it look like a normal website if you like, or like a CMS. You can get it hosted free at, in the US.

Or you could use Joomla CMS, it's one of the easiest to get up and running. It can be hosted free in the UK or US at

Probably WP is the best solution. It's got all the plugins you need, this is important on any database-driven site.

There are plenty of hosts at a good price, and even some free ones that handle it. Move your domain to a good domain registrar like when it's near expiry, but not within 60 days as you might have problems moving it then.

A site needs good content so you need to fix that. Then you could have advertising if you like. Best not to put that on the front page though, it tends to make a site look cheap.

There are a couple of easy ways to get content: RSS feeds and article sites. Search 'article sites' and you'll find hundreds, you can republish the articles there (but read the ToS first of course).

For example you can find loads of articles on energy and conservation issues - I looked at your site OK - and they would work well for you.

So I guess you're not using Freon any more eh?

RSS feeds can be used to populate a page with material of your choice as well.
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Thumbs up Wordpress

In the go daddy domain manager create a new sub domain, make it be
blog.your url or whatever you like, then in the Control Panel under script's
install wordpress, configuration from there is simple. Make sure you install
it to the sub domain tho. Or with the sub domain createdm, sign up for
blog spot and then configure it to use your sub domain.
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