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Default Free website backgrounds?

I'm working on my final project for Website Design I and I'm trying to have it look less like every other hand-coded site done by newbies. It looks like some kid did it for his angelfire site back in 1996.
To that end I'm looking for sites that provide free backgrounds for websites. I did a Google search for "free website backgrounds" but all I found were sites who defined "free" as "give us a lot of money" or who demanded a link with a big garish logo on the site for their services.
Am I mad to even think that such a thing could exist?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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hm... if you got photoshop/gimp you could make your own and splice it for the code. I believe they even give html output for you after you cut it up so you wont have to miss with the right placement codes.
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Or you could create graphics as suggested by eyeb and just use the CSS <div> tags you should have learned somewhere along the way, positioning them as appropriate.
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How about this one. I have used stuff from there before for web design.
The smallest good deed is better than the greatest intention.
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I think you should try
You can find lots of knowledge and backgrounds there.
Hope you'll like it.
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Default Check this one......

Hi I found some free backgrounds for the website you can check it ......
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