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Default Any Tips For My Website?

First off, this post is for anyone interested in lending me a hand in developing a website for my tech club. This is my first website that I have actually put online although I have made a couple before and never put them up. The link is and I know it has very little on it but that is why I am here. I need some experienced people to give me some tips on how to make this site better and maybe then it could actually benefit people to go there. I also have a forum installed on it so if you want to leave comments on there that would be better then leaving them on here since I am the admin there and check that more regularly.
Neal Willbur
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It looks like you need content more than anything else right now. I suggest you get your members to each write a short article about some aspect of the things you are involved with, that interests them.

An article is normally about 500 words long or more.

For example you mention beta testing of Google Chrome. Perhaps a member could write an article about that.

The way that a site like this might develop is to have people write articles. Then group the articles in categories. After a time it might become clearer what direction the site might take.

If you have a current project, you might write a series of shorter posts on how the project is progressing.

Ask yourself these questions:

Who is this site for?
- the audience is important

What do you want to achieve?
- some preliminary goals are useful, even if you don't know where you'll end up

How best to achieve those first goals?
- it's easier to move forward if you set goals and try to achieve them

You might well end up in a completely different area to that you envisioned at the start - but the important thing is to get moving.
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Check point 1

You leave your site keywords and description as blank, that's the fatal point to a new site. Check out it by right click on your homepage -> view resources.

<meta name="keywords" content="" />
<meta name="description" content="" />

they are blank so how can google spider find your site?

Check point 2

Can't find any infomation about you site on homepage. Where are the About Us / Terms & Conditions / Privacy / Contact Us / Sitemap?

At least add
Copyright 2010 Tech Club l Rights Reserved.
or something like that at the bottom of homepage and make it look better.

Check point 3

The typeset is.... really.... ah.....
Don't put the text at center and make full use of table and CSS.
If possible, insert some pictures to make your page more readable.

Check point 4

The section "Contact Us" in your blog. By reading it I still don't know who are you and what kind of service you can provide, so tell us who you are and what you can do for your potential clients but not only leave an Email.

Good luck dude.

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