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chris.p 08. Mar 2009 04:22 PM

What web page editor do you use?
Well, I was going to do a poll, but you can't get answers in a poll unless you already know the questions - which is the main point of it. If you see what I mean.

What visual editors do you use?
What text or HTML editor?
What other gadget/ gizmo/ wotsit (like a CMS / WordPress etc)?

chris.p 08. Mar 2009 04:29 PM

So anyway I figure I should start this.

Coolpage for very fast layouts (WebDwarf also)
NoteTab Pro for coding / cleanups
Various CMS / blogs / forums as needed

I've gone away from hard-coding now and won't create any new sites of that type. If I did, I'd use SiteSpinner not Dreamweaver (too clunky). But for simple sites a fast layout app works fine, then clean up the code in the text editor (NoteTabPro).

George 08. Mar 2009 06:22 PM

Here is my take on the questions..

1) None. Guess I am too much old school and never found one that satisfied me.

2) Visual SlickEdit (commercial software though) for file based editing. It's damn fast and the only one I know that beautifies HTML properly.
Eclipse for project/application based editing.

3) TopStyle Pro for CSS editing (also commercial software, I admit I never looked into a freeware program in that area)

wdhpr 23. Apr 2009 02:05 AM

How about Kompozer I used it for my webpage. Worked ok for me. I haven't a clue how to write in html. Also tried dreamweaver it seemed real nice. but the trial period ended


chris.p 23. Apr 2009 02:32 AM

Another contender is WebDwarf. It's a free version of the excellent SiteSpinner, a layer (divs) and CSS-based visual editor that was doing things the right way years before Dreamweaver heard of divs, they were still using tables.

It's hard to find though, the download is at:

twisted-hare 01. Apr 2011 11:03 PM

My favorite has always been Notepad++ it's come a long way. They now have many plug-ins to help with all web extensions. And finally they now have a built-in FTP app that will upload to your server.:)

miskairal 02. Apr 2011 05:43 AM

I always end up back at RJTextEdit for coding. I still haven't tried a WYSIWYG editor.
Also couldn't live without Filezilla, ColorCop and Photofiltre for all the bits and pieces.

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