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Lightbulb Website shows in Google as "under construction": 3 months!


I have a web development site I'm working on [checkitout[DOT]co[DOT]uk], well, have pretty much finished about 3-4 months ago. If I search the entire URL (the real one) in Google I get a "under construction" search result. Other search engine like Yahoo! and AOL don't show the site at all. I'm not looking for better search results, just for the site to show up as the website if I search the entire url.

I called the hosting provider (three times) and they keep giving me the same answer: wait for Google to scan your site. I've submitted site map, verifications, search engines, etc. and it doesn't show up under search results.

Anyone know why the search engines would not be picking this up? Many thanks.....


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Hmm, not sure what approach to take here...

Firstly, your site is well and truly finished, with about 3,500 links, an Alexa rank of 1.8m, and PR4 of course. So visibility is good.

And of course there are no 'under construction' results to be found.

And this being the case, we have to assume your post is a spoof just to get a link on our lovely site. So I edited the link out.

But it's a nice site though. Have to say, your search engine optimization is poor even though you are a web pro and most likely think it's good

Proof? Jeez, look at the code

Look at the content. Look at the XML sitemap. Look at the URLs...

I think this is the first time in 10 years I've seen an URL like this, it could only work on an IIS server
/why cios.html

[ps - not a misprint]

And your best result is #5 for 'database development' (your top keyword) on Bing? Hmm, best get some advice from a pro I think.

If you want to get links here, you can, if you contribute. Don't spam us, help out, and we'll give you links. PM me if you want to ask about this site in any way.
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