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trainman261 06. May 2018 04:25 PM

The problem is that they have a monopoly, and as long as they manage to keep that, they're pretty much free to do anything within the confines of the law (usually). And I know I'll get a lot of hate for this, but this is one of the reasons I'm really hoping ReactOS development gets a good boost because of the problems with Windows 10. Laugh about the slow pace of development (until now) as much as you want, this is an OS that, given enough work, could really upset Microsoft's monopoly, which is something, let's be honest, that Linux will still have a hard time doing, simply because of the incompatibility with today's programs and the complexity. Yes, I know the different builds are an advantage for many avid Linux users, but for the average user who isn't that tech-savvy, it's a huge, confusing mess. And yes, I know, there's Wine, but again, for the average user, it's too confusing. They want something seamless, and ReactOS offers some hope for us having a simple, non-Windows system that can be seamlessly used with everything else Windows. Until we have that, we'll have a monopolistic situation, unless Microsoft really screws something up, which I wouldn't bet on.

Anupam 06. May 2018 05:26 PM

I pretty much agree with trainman261.

Anupam 01. Jul 2018 12:10 PM

The update for me arrived yesterday for my old laptop, and for my desktop today. I was out for around 1.5 months, so it might have arrived earlier, if I was there at home.

On the laptop, the update failed 3 times before installing fine. I think the failure was because of the updates for older version of Windows (1709) being available at the same time. I don't know how it finally updated, but thankfully it did.

The update on the desktop went without any issues.

The installation process was quite long though.

As always, I went through all the settings to see if they were fine. Privacy settings have to be dealt with, as some are on my default.

On my desktop, I noticed that the hard disk is churning quite a bit after the update.

The Settings icons look better now, and options itself are getting better.

Anupam 01. Jul 2018 05:28 PM

On my laptop, the folder icon for User somehow disappeared. I had to spend a bit of time before I found how to access option for Desktop Icons, which is found in Settings --> Personalization --> Themes, and there it is as a link.

Such a simple thing was earlier accessible from the right click menu on the desktop. Why make such simple things difficult.

And the new Photo app, which is the default now in Windows 10, is just highly annoying. It takes a lot of time to load, and it's cumbersome to operate. Windows Photo Viewer was just excellent... simple and easy to operate. But, they have done away with it altogether. Thankfully, it is still on my desktop, because I had installed Windows 10 over Windows 8.1. But, on laptop, on which I installed Windows 10 fresh, it isn't there anymore.

I had to look for other options.. I just wanted to simply view, and be able to zoom via the mouse scroll. ImageGlass, WildBit Viewer, and NoMacs seem to have this feature.

Shortcut of Edge is now being provided on desktop after installation of the latest Windows version. I deleted it right away :D

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