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Anupam 02. Sep 2017 08:44 AM

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Microsoft announced on their blog the release date for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and it's releasing on Oct 17th, 2017. Here is their blog announcement.

Although from the changes, I don't see anything to be excited about, or anything of my use personally. Disappointing :(

My old laptop hasn't even got the Creators Update yet.

Burn-IT 02. Sep 2017 01:37 PM

Nor has mine - and never will.

MidnightCowboy 02. Sep 2017 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by Anupam (Post 122137)

My old laptop hasn't even got the Creators Update yet.

Being this lucky in life is a rarity so enjoy it! :D

Anupam 02. Sep 2017 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by midnightcowboy (Post 122141)
being this lucky in life is a rarity so enjoy it! :d

lol :D

deya 19. Oct 2017 04:10 PM

The FCU on my desktop and laptop went without a hitch. Both via WU, didn't need to use the upgrade assistant for the laptop this time, got both upgrades straight away. Dunno how long it took, just left them to it, one during the evening, the other through the day while I was out. No problems with either.

It's a good upgrade, no issues. Left O&O active during the upgrade, no problems then updated O&O to the latest version once the FCU had installed.

Usual change or two to the settings but soon rectified. Both machines are running fine, all programs and apps still working fine.

Systems using maybe slightly more memory after the upgrade but settling down now after a few re-boots and a disk clean-up. For me, the FCU was painless. Thought I might have had problems with the laptop but that wasn't the case.

One thing I did notice (both machines) was that Apple crept on to the system - Bonjour, which I assume is to do with the 'Phone' option in settings, 'Link your Android, iPhone'. The process was running at start by default so disabled it via Services. Bonjour is installed in program files. I may delete it, I have no use for Apple products.

Still looking around for changes and so on but, all in all, the FCU is a good upgrade.

Anupam 19. Oct 2017 08:37 PM

Thanks deya for the feedback, and good to know that the update went fine for you.

I haven't received the update on my desktop yet, but then I haven't been putting it on, because I have family at home.

My old laptop is still to get the Anniversary Update. I think I might go the way of manually updating it.

Bonjour is installed when you install iTunes. There was an article way back on how you could install iTunes without the extra bloat like bonjour included with it. It used to work just fine, but with the latest versions, if I don't install bonjour, iTunes has problems running, or opening the iPod. So, I had to install it whole.

If you don't have any need for it, then yes, uninstalling would be better.

deya 19. Oct 2017 11:14 PM

Well that's the thing, I don't have iTunes - I don't have iAnything. Never have. But there it is, on the 17th and 18th (the dates that the FCU installed on each machine) Bonjour was added in program files and also was running in the task manager. It must be for the new option to link your PC to your Android or iPhone - if you have one, or should you wish to. So Bonjour was running by default. I noticed it straight away. It can't have come from anything else but the FCU. Anyway, it's disabled now.

There's a decent review of the FCU, here;

... in it, there's an explanation of phone linking.

I'm not yet sure whether linking my phone to the PC will benefit me but I'll look into it because I use an Android phone now. Crazy how using MS apps on Android gives a better experience (for me) than using the Windows Phone I had previously.

Also, after the upgrade I noticed that my default music player had changed to Groove Music. Yet I read that MS are doing away with Groove and are shifting their customers over to Spotify. So what's the point of Groove anyway?

I'm still of the impression that some of the people at MS are nuts.

bo.elam 19. Oct 2017 11:42 PM

Hi deya, my experience upgrading to FCU went nice and easy. As when I upgraded to Creators, I used the Update assistant again. Perfect experience. I would say this time was even smoother than with Creators.

Personally, I can find any bugs or issues with this version. Creators and 1607 were also very stable for me. The complains we hear from people about W10 around the internet, they dont apply to me at all. I already found a few things that are better in this versions than the ones before. For example, I used to get a Warning when plugin a flash drive. It was a benign Warning. But is gone now. I cant reproduce it anymore. Makes me happy also that a program like Libre Office, which is known to be slow when launching files, its faster now. I can tell the difference. Files dont run immediate but a lot faster.

Unlike you, I didn't find anything getting installed without my knowledge or consent. I found Fast start getting reenable but that's OK by me. I just disabled it again. My System restore didn't get turned off as when I upgraded to Creators. I disable Store Apps from updating automatically, that setting was changed. No big deal, I just turned it back to off. My default picture viewer is Windows photo viewer, the update changed it back to Photos App. I switched back to Windows photo viewer. Other than that, settings and the rest are as before.

Anyone using Sandboxie should upgrade to beta 5.21.6. Post issues in this thread.


deya 20. Oct 2017 11:37 PM

Bo; yes, agreed. Lots of the complaints that can be read around various sites regarding Win 10 don't apply to me either. This latest upgrade is a good one. No problems here.

Edge is improved, I think Read Aloud is a good feature, especially for people who may have poor eyesight etc. I even found myself letting it read a newspaper article to me. Nice accent, well punctuated :) Decent choice of extensions now as well. Edge is a good browser.

I like the improvements to WU - the advanced options in Delivery Optimisation and the ability to limit bandwidth use during updates is good. Windows Updates downloads do suck up bandwidth, even with a solid and reasonably fast connection I have noticed it on occasion. It's made the connection drop on my Sonos before today. Annoying. So the option to set the bandwidth percentage, should you need to, is a good idea.

I like the Storage sense feature, the volume mixer changes, improved security. Quite a list, and growing.

Bonjour is deleted - it could have only been added with the FCU. Never mind. It's gone. But for anyone who wants to connect their iPhone to the PC, I'm sure it's fine.

I still think this upgrade uses more memory though, just a couple of percent but it's noticeable. But that's happened before (previous upgrades) then improved with the endless cumulative updates that follow each upgrade.

All my store apps still work fine, with settings and favourites saved in my music and radio apps so all's good - think I'll uninstall Groove though, it's a farce, and there's now even an advert/link to get Spotify. So much for MS's music service. Another abandoned project. I'll stick with Deezer.

Anupam 06. Nov 2017 12:35 PM

I received the Falls Creators Update on my desktop a few days ago, and it went without a hitch. There were only a few settings to change after the update, and other things pretty much remained the same.

I got the Creators Update on my old laptop yesterday.... that too went fine. In my post earlier, I had written that laptop still had not got the Anniversary Update, but it was Creators Update. Don't know when it will get the Falls Creator Update.

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