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Old 10. Jan 2017, 06:36 PM   #131 (permalink)
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Microsoft: 'Our continuing commitment to your privacy with Windows 10' ...
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Sorry. Garbage.

Any "commitment to privacy" does not need "clear choices", "easy-to-use tools" or any sort of frigging "dashboard". All of this is just trading on the average Joe's strategy of using everything at default settings for a variety of reasons most of us can readily identify with.

A true "commitment to privacy" policy should be to switch all of this off by default and then provide a means to switch whichever bits of it on, users so wish to do.

As ever though money talks so the "choices" are theirs by default and not ours.
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Old 10. Jan 2017, 07:53 PM   #133 (permalink)
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Committed to my privacy my foot! Control my foot! The day they give me a switch to refuse the collection of ALL data whatsoever from my system is the day I will be in control.
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Old 11. Jan 2017, 12:17 AM   #134 (permalink)
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Out of curiosity I signed in and checked the dashboard. There was nothing there, no browsing data, search data, Cortana, location data or apps collecting data. But that's because I've altered the default settings etc. The average user, as MC points out, won't do that nor, probably, will they know of this new dashboard feature and I agree, it would be better for it all to be switched off as default and then opt in if you want to.

In the grand scheme of things I reckon WOT may have ended up with more of my browsing data than MS over the past several months but there you go. You do your best to block one lot only for another lot to get it. C'est la vie.
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Old 11. Jan 2017, 01:58 AM   #135 (permalink)
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most of the users that I've been helping,
are more concerned about how horrid the Desktop looks:
- they really don't like those 'Tiles' that were inherited from win-8x
so, the standard fix is either classic shell or start-10.

they also don't like the way that it constantly updates itself:
- which was inherited from win-7
people really noticed that, when upgrading from win-xp.

& most users don't know anything about this Diagnostic // Analytical Data stuff.

the big thing, from the Help Desk PoV - is what is it Really Being Used for ?.
- MS says that it is primarily used to understand what their customers are doing with their system.
others say that MS is likening to another Google AKA using your Data for Advertising.

those users that are concerned about the latter, will use an AdBlocker on their browser,
& that, combined with one of those Start Menu modifiers, will solve the Advertising issues.

Finally, No-one should have to goto an external web site,
in order to check their dashboard, for some random privacy settings:
- there is something wrong with the MS system, if anyone has to do that !.
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Old 11. Jan 2017, 03:36 AM   #136 (permalink)
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It's important to note that data collection is integral to the development of any software, especially an Operating System. Not every user is going to consult their problems and issues on the forums and even if they do the developers will have a hard time trying to understand the real problem from the little information that they've posted.

But the story changes with the amount of data collected and the reason behind it
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Old 11. Jan 2017, 09:04 PM   #137 (permalink)
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Microsoft agrees to Windows 10 adjustments with Swiss data watchdog;
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