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Default OCR for PDF files

I was searching for a free program to OCR some of my pdf files. I have tried topocr, freeocr, tesseract-ocr and many others. The only one I found useful is the OCR offered by PDF XChange viewer. I downloaded the portable free version from their website and tried the OCR feature. It worked like a sharm for me.

It will work for you if you want to OCR pdf files with 3 pages or less. The result is impressive. I thought someone out there might need just what I described above. Also, download the portable zip ocr file and unzip it in the same folder so that it works for you.

Make sure you download the portable version because I read some reviews that installing the non portable version will install the Ask toolbar if you don't follow instructions carefully.

The website states that "The free version of this product may be used for both private and commercial use as long as it is not distributed for commercial gain without permission ... "

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Thanks for that tip, I haven't tried it, I have tried google's and Irfanviiew's and they work pretty well. One thing about OCR, if you use it on a large chunk of data, the proofing is really tedious, and if it's important, you have to extra-careful, the mistakes are often subtle and easy to overlook.
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You are welcome
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Any reason that you are trying an OCR on the pdf?..
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The main reason is to be able to search the pdf file.
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Default Free pdf ocr


Our Free PDF-XChange Viewer allows you to OCR a PDF for text search-able content addition and you can also copy/paste the generated text into 3rd party app's such as Word/Wordpad etc should you then wish to create a new document - you can see more info on the free Viewer and its features here - as well as download;

There are a host of FREE features like annotation, typewriter, iFilter and much more - around 85% of the features are free - and only about 15% require you to upgrade to a paid for license if required - you can try these features - but do note if you use the 'paid' for features they will add a trial stamp to any saved document - so should only be used on document copies - not originals.

You will be warned before using any such feature

Hope that helps
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ConvertPDFtoWord is the closes free online conversion tool that I know when it comes to maintaining the the original layout.

Recommendations for better tools would be highly appreciated.

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