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Default Use your computer as a night light:

Homepage: White

Turns your screen totally white so you can use your very expensive PC as a night light and not stub your toesies.

There are many other little utilities here.

DoOrDel: Startup tool that will delete user defined folders unless the right password is entered.

DeskLock: Prevents the moving of desktop icons.

OpeningHours: Runs a program when inside a certain time interval, and closes it when outside.

NoClose: Disable the Close button (X) of selected windows.

SingleInstance: Allow only one instance of a program to run.

DelEmpty: List and delete empty folders.

ToddlerTrap: Disables mouse and keyboard input to stop toddlers messing up your PC, or to allow for cleaning.

ProcessGuard: Watch processes' memory usage, cpu usage and more, and get a warning, close them, run a program, change priority, hide/show or minimize/maximize them, logoff, reboot, shutdown, suspend or hibernate!

And Many More!

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Here's, in my opinion, a better way to turn your screen white so you can use it as a night light or a flashlight: It's a nice alternative, because you don't have to install it.

If you have ideas for feature requests, let me know. Cheers!
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