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Default HDCleaner by Kurt Zimmerman

New to Forums so you'll have to bear with me.
Been looking for an alternate to CCleaner for sometime. I was fed up getting bundle software, the PC monitoring etc.
Well found HDCleaner by Kurt Zimmerman and it has surpassed all my expectation, and more. I have been using it on a Windows 10 PC 64 bit and my Laptop with no problems. It is totally free with no paid upgrades. Doesn't come with bundle software, Is totally virus, spyware free according to Malwarebytes. Has a host of tools which make it almost a PC Tune Up software. They are so many settings and configuration to keep any PC enthousiaste happy for hours. I don't want to rant and rave to much about it but i personally think it's the best Freeware Software out there at the moment and should be a Gizmo Choice.
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