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Thumbs up 3D simulations from NASA, NASA's Eyes

I ran across a great free service from NASA yesterday. This site is a download from NASA with 3D renderings of three different downloadable programs. One is how our satellites see earth. The second one are simulations of our solar system. But the third one is my favorite. It is a simulation showing the currently known exoplanets mostly captured by Kepler and has a few other sightings. The program shows you the names of star systems involved and the name of the exoplanet. A side bar offers distances from our sun and traveling time to the exoplanet. Those are goofy but interesting. I found using the speed of light as the most relevant choice. Once you pick an exoplanet to look at, the simulation takes you to that star system and gives any information we have on it. I find bringing up the habitable zone display for that star system very interesting. There are numerous search features available to select. The best search I found is the current display of all the exoplanets Kepler has found so far and just point and click on one of them to view. The exoplanets come with an artist's best guess rendition of the planet. These downloads could fill days of rainy weather for young kids and their parents. I could also see a great use in schools for the programs. And of course, NASA promotes using these programs in our schools. Here is the link:
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Thanks for sharing.
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