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Default Windows 7 Taskbar Control

A small non-install autorun utility that I came across today.

If you're like me and prefer a clear desktop and maximum window space then you might use the autohide option for the taskbar.

It can be a bit of a pain though as enabling/disabling that involves right-clicking the taskbar then opening Properties etc.

The utility has two different execs ... the one I like is Taskbar Autohide Controller which lets you assign a hotkey to the autohide option so you get the convenience of an autohiding bar when you want it but none of the hassle of opening properties when you want it permanently visible.

The second is Taskbar Control Classic which lets you assign a hotkey to show/hide the bar. Also useful but it doesn't let you use autohide.

Both here anyway - Taskbar Control at
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I am going through this post and have nice information.
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