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Default HMP scan - tiny question

I cannot get an answer on this, can anybody help ?

I use the free version of HMP often for a quick scan, have done it many times. If any threats are found, I go to either AVG, MBAM or Emsisoft AM to check it.

A recent HMP scan came up with DECVW_32.DLL as a threat for the first time.
This file is by VDOnet.corp and dates back to 1996/7 - created 2001, so it looks like it has been around on my PC for a long while. I can find no suspicious comments on the web for VDOnet, only that Microsoft and Check Point are or were involved. Looks OK to me.

The other AV`s above do not pick it up. Have you any comments to make on this ? I do not even know if the file is currently active or just a piece of old junk.

Many thanks
Screen shot :-

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Right click DECVW_32.DLL and see what the properties menu shows.
Also read this article (PDF), "Removing unwanted DLLs ".
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Sounds like a false positive to me in which case it would be nothing to worry about.

Upload it to VirusTotal to see what other AV vendors make of it.
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