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Default Settings for Windows 7 Firewall Control (Free)?

I'm using the built-in Windows Firewall (Don't allow exceptions), MSE, and IE8 on an old Windows XP SP3 computer. Elaborating slightly on your recommendations, I've added a Software Restriction Policy (see for more details) and, most recently, Windows 7 Firewall Control (Free).

I read somewhere that the appropriate permission in Windows 7 Firewall Control for most applications that must access the Internet was "OutgoingOnly," but when I applied this to IE8 and MSE, my Web pages and signature updates started taking forever to download. I was able to fix this situation by granting both programs "EnableAll" status. (I ended up doing the same for Outlook 2002, though I'm not sure I had to.) This makes me a bit queasy, however, since it suggests that I'm granting these programs Internet-server privileges...

I'm going to have to study the rather limited "Help" pages for this program more carefully, but short of paying for the "Plus" version of this software to get access (apparently) to Sphinx's recommended settings for many applications, does anyone know how these permissions should be configured generally? -- jclarkw

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I can't edit this post any more for some reason, so here's another clarification:

The severe slowdown in Internet access with IE8 occurred even before I had re-installed MSE (I uninstalled everything and then added programs back one-at-a-time to find the source of the problem), so I guess it can't be caused by any AV "hooks" -- there's some cryptic information about this in the "Help" file. -- jclarkw
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