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Anupam 18. Sep 2011 09:56 AM

AVG 2012 free
I tried AVG 2012 today. I am sharing my experience.

Have been using Avast since years, but I have been experiencing a weird problem since long time, and it has me bewildered.

I have to login to my ISP server, via their login application, in order to connect to internet. Sometimes, it goes OK, but sometimes, after logging in, my PC just hangs. It will hang immediately after it, or it will hang if I open any browsers, or if I access any software that requires connecting to internet. Its just random. That has been my observation.

I cannot find any clue as to what causes this. There are no error messages. There are no entries in Event Log about this.

I suspected Avast might be the reason, since I had tried Bullguard in the past when its offer run on the site. The problem did not occur then.

Since past days, the problem was occurring a lot, so I decided to try out another AV to see how it goes.

I decided to give AVG a try.

Recently, with AVG version 2012 out, I read some positive comments about it. MC too has been trying it on his system, and had positive comments. So, I decided to give AVG a whirl as an experiment.

The setup is a hefty 152 MB download. The installation was slow, but without problems. I did not select the email scanner. There were two things under LinkScanner... one Safe Search, and other Safe Guard. I opted for Safe Guard only.

After installation and restart, I felt that the forming of desktop icons was quite slow. It took quite longer than usual. With Avast, its much faster.

There was no problem logging via the login application. But, when I tried to open webpages, they wouldn't open. I was not able to figure out if something was wrong with my connection. Then, I remembered a setting in the Update section of AVG, for something called "DNS Update". I unchecked that setting, and the webpages began to open. I found it a strange setting, because I don't know what it meant. Also, if anyone has such a trouble, and could not figure out the cause, then the person won't be able to connect to internet, neither figure out the problem.

When the webpages opened though, the responsiveness was faster than usual, compared to when I use Avast.

It seemed like this would be a good experience.

However, the trouble started when I decided to update the definitions. I started the definition update, and carried out my work on the internet.

After a while, things started to get slow. I saw that the update was stuck at one point, and said "analyzing updates". It was making webpages open really slow.. so after a while, I decided to cancel it. The thing won't cancel.

Meanwhile, webpages just began to crawl. I tried to disable AVG via its settings, to see if it made any difference. It did not. I turned off LinkScanner, no effect.

Webpages just crawled, and even stopped opening. It was just horrible.

That's when I decided to uninstall AVG. The uninstallation was painfully slow, I should say.

After uninstallation and a restart, I found that AVG had added a startup item to maybe open a page, for uninstall feedback or something. I caught that by Anvir TaskManager free. I deleted it.

Overall, my experience was not good with AVG at all.

I don't have a firewall, or any HIPS, so there was no cause of conflict.

Maybe it will work fine on other systems, and experiences may differ. If anyone else has used AVG 2012, please share.

Anupam 18. Sep 2011 10:00 AM

I am back to Avast. Other than the issue I talked about, I don't have any problem with it. I think its the best free AV out there in present time. Maybe MSE might share the position.

I don't want to go for MSE. Also, I don't think it supports XP.

I thought of trying out Avira, but then again, it too has problem of slow updates. Plus, there have been bad reports about recent versions of Avira.

If things have improved with Avira, please tell me. I will try it out.

Other than these, I don't think any other free AV is worth trying out, is there?

torres-no-tan-magnifico 18. Sep 2011 01:29 PM

Have stuck with Avira through thick and thin and for a long time there have been no problems with slow updates. Combined with Comodo firewall, with sandbox and defence + enabled, I have a very smooth and trouble free system. :)

MidnightCowboy 18. Sep 2011 01:52 PM

These things are often system specific so I can't offer much of an explanation as to why Anupam's experience was not good. Mine in fact has been the opposite in that AVG has given me no problems at all except a known conflict with Comodo firewall which I've since changed.

I even uninstalled and then re-installed AVG which was always a dodgy exercise :D but everything remains functioning and stable (XPSP3).

Previously, apart from running BullGuard prior to our offer, I used Ad-Aware which also gave me zero issues but it did slow down some operations more noticeably than AVG.

Anupam 18. Sep 2011 01:52 PM

Thanks Torres, I will take a look at Avira, whenever I can.

Anupam 18. Sep 2011 01:54 PM

Uninstallation was not a problem on my machine either... XP SP3. It was quite slow though. There is a removal tool which can be downloaded from AVG site. I cleaned up with that afterwards.

Taurus 18. Sep 2011 05:52 PM

Pssst...Anupam....Sandboxie. ;)

Anupam 18. Sep 2011 06:18 PM

I will get there... eventually. Baby steps :D

Taurus 18. Sep 2011 07:02 PM

LOL...I'm glad you've got a good sense of humor, Anupam. Yep, baby steps. :)

Anupam 18. Sep 2011 07:11 PM

Little baby steps for me :p

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