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Default msn virus

Hi all was wondering if someone could answer e a question. Last week i got one of those msn viruses in the links ok. I have now got rid and cleaned my system out fine. question i want answered though is i hjave an external hard drive i plug in which was also plugged in at the time. now i took it out when i knew what was happening which was not long after the virus began to infect my system. so if i now plug it back in to clean system, could it be on there and go forward to indect my pc again if i do plug it in?

any help would be greatly appreciated guys thasnk you
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The answer to your question is more likely to be yes than maybe but it's difficult to be more constructive other than offering these links. Both contain good advice and pointers to other information which will help you to find a solution.

You can easily find more by entering "infected external hard drive" into a Google search.
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It depends on the kind of virus or malware. It may or may not infect the clean system. Either, you have to boot up with a Live CD, which can clean the virus, or you have to connect the external hard disk to the system, and then search the disk for virus. If you find the virus, use the methods with which you got rid of the virus earlier.
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