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eyeb 03. May 2019 07:48 PM

I disliked windows defender on xp/7, it's too built into windows 10 to remove it so I live with it <-- original Windows Defender (red circle icon) sucked, the redesign with the brick wall icon is less intrusive. No clue why they kept the name when they are essentially 2 different products

on windows 10 I don't notice a slow down but again, I can't disable it completely so I don't have a "gauge" of what the computer would be like if it never had it in the first place

I could cripple it via registery edit but I don't see much difference in doing so and I dislike the windows nag about it being disabled, so I leave it alone. I however put a lot of folders into the exceptions list so it doesn't scan things I use frequently. I trust I don't have a virus from my own internet habits. The windows C:/ is protected but the rest, I don't mind deleting a file or reinstalling a program if they get corrupted. The firewall prevents things from being sent out of computer so, if I get something, it's stuck until I delete it.

But I don't run any real time anti-virus either, I use on demand if I need it. With a sandboxed and partitioned OS, I haven't had anything come up in years doing so. Since it is gone after a shutdown/reboot.

Remah 04. May 2019 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by EldonW (Post 125340)
The user is running Windows 10. Therefor this topic is not about the original anti-spyware product.

Good reading. I had actually meant to say that. :o

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