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Default Hacking call back

So I've been the victim of credit cards chrges not mine and malicious hacking after reporting it to authorities (who do nothing of course). I have done a factory restore on a laptop. Will this clean the computer from anything which might be installed on it, e.g., a call back to hacker when computer is operating.

I hate to junk this laptop and use it now only when out but if there is something
installed on it to connect to hacker then I'm out of luck.

Any help really appreciated.

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If you did a factory restore then the hard drive is returned to the state it was when it left the factory. All personal data, downloaded and installed programs, and system settings will be wiped from the disk, including any malware if there was any.
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as recent as saturday the 22nd i became the victim of fraudulent charges on my credit card also. it was to 2 gaming sites and the online statement said reoccuring charges, but there were none.
i havent went as far as restoring computer, but i have no idea how someone obtained my debit card info.
the bank returned my money and changed my debit card account info., i still feel really good about my security set up and i clear browser history everytime i pay for something, i use sandboxie with set up maximized, i also look for https. i dont know what more i can do, its happened to me 4 times in 15 years, 2 of which the suspects were caught.
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Apart from having a secure system, and following safe practices, it is also important to know how credit card or debit card fraud was done. If it was done by some other means, and your system was not hacked, then you are worrying unnecessarily, and you are formatting your system unnecessarily.

If your bank account was hacked outside of your system, like by hacking your weak password, etc, and information was pulled out from there, then again, your system was not compromised.

Therefore, you need to know how the fraud/crime was done. Use a strong password for your banking or other sensitive accounts.
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