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Default Anyone Using Overlook FING?

FING is a really useful free network analyzer available in command-line form for PCs and in graphic form (apparently) for smart phones. I'm puzzled by one aspect of it's behavior, but it doesn't seem to have a forum of its own, and Overlook tech support has not so far explained what's going on.

I've loaded FING 2.2 (command-line only) on two nearly identical Windows XP SP3 computers on a small LAN. When I use it on one computer to "scan" or "ping" the LAN, it reports both finding one service active on a port and receiving answers to pings on **that computer only**; the other similar computer appears clean. When I run it on the **other** computer, however, the situation is reversed. In each case only the computer on which FING is running seems to have vulnerabilities; the other seems OK.

I'm guessing it's something to do with FING itself or how it examines its own host. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. (If you are observing this issue as well, please report it to Overlook tech support, as they don't seem to understand what I'm talking about.) -- jclarkw
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Overlook (FING) Technical Support (apparently Italian) finally replied in broken English as follows:

"as per Windows networking and also local firewall usual behavior when you scan your local computer you scan without firewall."

This sounds like something I should have already known. I have Windows Firewall (supplemented by "Windows7 Firewall Control") running on each of my XP SP3 computers inside the LAN. I think tech support is trying to tell me the following:

1) The firewall on the **other** computer "covers" the open port and ignores pings when that computer is scanned from the computer that is executing FING.

2) The firewall on the computer that is executing FING does not protect it from **internal** programs, so FING can see the open port on, and the ping responses from, its host.

Sound right? -- jclarkw
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