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kendall.a 22. May 2015 04:43 AM

Best Portable Browser for Specific Needs
I know that we have a great collection of portable apps over at the main site. In fact, we have a best free portable browser section (

However, I'm looking for additional recommendations from those of you who use portable browsers. My needs are based upon the following:

1. Multiple devices--works on multiple platforms (linux, android, windows 8.1)
2. Multiple devices----ability to be sync bookmarks/settings across multiple devices (desktop pc, samsung android tablet, surface pro 3 (work), linux laptop)
3. Is portable and relatively small (both desktop pc and surface pro 3 have 128 GB SSD's).
4. Is not Firefox (or a Firefox clone). (For personal reasons.)

I've been using Maxthon for a couple years now, but I am having more and more minor annoyances/inconveniences with it of late. So, I am now trying portable Chrome and portable Opera. I have always found installed Chrome and even portable Chrome to be quit slow to load and CPU/RAM heavy. At this point, I'm leaning towards portable Opera.


Reporter 22. Mar 2016 11:04 PM

Not being a Linux user, my experiences with the browsers you mention may be skewed. Maxthon, I quit it after a brief few months, could never get past the "surprises." Chrome on RAM- I agree with you. Firefox is almost as bad in different ways- both are RAM hogs.

Opera? Interesting. Opera vanished then came back- a wolf in sheep clothing. As a browser it rocks. I love Opera although I do not use it exclusively or even in a majority of uses. Seems as though the new Opera is built over the Chrome engine- not sure on this.

Opera is nice- a few flickers for some reason but a great browser. It reviously had the #1 world class note book (IMO) Solid browser.

I won't drag the "E" browsers in as you are not a Windoz user.

Avant- give it a spin. Awesome build on Chrome. Toolbars, skins and a lot of 'gizmos' in the upper right corner. Great browser.

Both Comodos (one on Chrome and the other on Firefox) are great and have a hardening built in. Drawback on both is they lag updates of the base programs. This can be problematic from time to time.

Finally, Avast browser ^^ Yep, inside the anti-virus (and other functions) security program. Very nice and secure very secure.

(I'm on Opera now :) it is so smooooooooth)


Reporter 22. Mar 2016 11:06 PM

(Colorado, you are so lucky. Perhaps the world will catch up this decade.)

Burn-IT 28. May 2016 04:34 PM

You should also be aware that the later versions of Opera are Chrome based.
I deliberately use an older version for this reason (though not for anything requiring security).
I wanted a second browser that did not use one of the main engines and was portable yet reasonably competent.

danielson 31. May 2016 12:35 PM

Opera "Turbo mode" desktop version for Windows was a blessing last Sunday:
Don't use portable apps but it might be worth considering.

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