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Default RarmaRadio 2.66.2

Just installed RarmaRadio 2.66.2 after Anupam brought my attention to it in the Tapin thread. It used to be pay only but has recently been made freeware.

Only been using it for a few hours but so far it's very impressive, if you're into radio, and is worth a look for anyone who wants to try it.

First thing to mention is that during the install you get the option to install a toolbar (Incredbar) but it's easy to opt out of it by selecting the custom install and then un-checking the three buttons for the search engine and homepage (MyStart), so just watch out for that. I also noticed that BetterInstaller got added after the install. Used Search Everything and deleted it manually. Other than that no problems, but best to mention it because it might bother others.

It's a 10.6MB download, 16.8 installed.

The player itself is more like a radio station browser, hard to know where to start describing it because it does so much. So I found a page at codepack which lists some of the features. This is from the page;

Listen to and record multiple stations simultaneously
Create a schedule for automatic recording
Show album art for each song
Save tag information to music files
Ability to add more stations
Use WinAmp audio plugins
Access frequently used stations from the toolbar
Play random station
Play your recorded files
Information Panel
Cover Art Panel
Limit Recording Size
Check for new stations online
Recording Options

It has scheduled recording options, days, weeks, etc. It also has a wish list option for recording named songs, quick record, and there's also a CD ripper included. It has a 25 pre-set equalizer.

You can control the program from the tray icon by right clicking and selecting from the menu. It's very easy to use. Station search by genre, region or network. Also search featured stations and new online stations - no idea how many stations but it's thousands.

I've used the scheduler and recorded a few bits, no problem, the recorded filles (mp3 default) are downloaded to a folder in your music folder, but you can change the file format via the recording output drop down in the scheduler.

Lots of other options in the settings, very easy to follow tutorial via help on the menu bar if you get stuck with anything. It's a really good program from what I can tell so far. There are also TV stations listed to search, but I'm not concerned about those so haven't tried them. Just the radio.

Searched around and one or two sites still list it as shareware/trial period. So I've wound the clock forward a few times on the machine it's on just to check, but no problems, it continues to work without issue. It's freeware.

The toolbar thing might concern some, I know that, but for what you get for free now, well, it's up to you but for me it's worth the bit of caution needed during the install. No idea why it's suddenly become free, I was surprised to be honest, but it's been playing away here with no connection drops or crashes.

I'm keeping it. Just what I was looking for - thanks, Anupam
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Great! Glad you liked it. Very welcome
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This is the best one I've tried for a while, it's very good. The more I use it the more I discover what it can do. It's essentially a browser, it has one built in, and the user interface can be customised very easily. Everything is very clear, the layout, you can alter the fonts and switch easily to large icons in the main bar - and for those who's vision may not be what it used to be that's important. Some of the players I use are small and certain people may struggle to read the station listings and the UI in general. I think stuff like that really matters to some people, the ones who may listen to the radio more than others.

I like how it saves and indexes your favourite stations alphabetically, and it's very easy to search with. The variety of stations is excellent and the sound can be easily tweaked to your liking. It sounds good.

For a program that does so much it runs light enough. I realise that some will perhaps be put off by the third party toolbar offered during the install, but it's easily avoided. For anyone who listens to the radio frequently I think it has a lot to offer.
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Just had a look at the Raimersoft site and noticed that under 'Benefits' it now says 'Absolutely Free', whereas before it just said 'Free'. Don't know if there's any significance in that, just thought to post it here because I've noticed questions being raised elsewhere.

I also noticed on a review I found at another Website that it lists the system requirements a bit more comprehensively than it does on the Raimersoft site, where it just says "for Windows XP/Vista/W7"

On the review site it says, "Operating Systems: Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP" - and although the review was written when RarmaRadio was pay only, there is an update added at the end noting that it's now freeware as of v2.66. I won't link to the other site, only if need be.

Don't know if this info is of use or might be important to anybody else, I just keep finding it - so sorry for bumping the thread.
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