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Wink Copying a DVD (Movie) to a Blank DVD

I have a DVD movie, it's an old local movie that my uncle bought in the year 2005, it has scratches in it. It's just a matter of time before it will totally screwed up. he wanted an exact copy of that movie asap. Well I know I can't just copy and paste it then burn it right? He doesn't have have a Nero 9 so what do you recommend? Can you give me an instruction how to duplicate this DVD movie? It should be playable to DVD player... Thanks in advance...
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I have shortened the thread topic, it was unnecessary large.

If the DVD is not protected, then you can just make an image of the DVD, and then write the image to the blank one. You can achieve this with any free burning software, that has the capability. I hope you know about the free CD/DVD burners. If not, the article is here :

If the DVD is protected, then you will have to use a DVD decrypter. Make sure that its not illegal to decrypt the protected DVD according to the laws in your country. You are solely responsible for ensuring that.

You can find a DVD decrypter here :

It will copy the structure of the DVD to the hard drive. When that is done, you can make a video DVD with any of the free burners suggested above. Some of the free burners have the option to create a DVD out of the structure on hard disk. Using that, a video DVD will be created which will play on DVD players.
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