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Default Windows media player 11, the best media player

Look, I used to think that windows media player sucked and that other media players were much better, like media player classic, but after making a direct comparison of all of my media players, i've found that windows media player actually has by far, the best image quality.

Check out the comparisons

top left: Media Player Classic
top right: KM Player
bottom left: VLC Player
bottom right: Windows Media Player 11
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I have to admit. It looks as though you have a point! Which also brings up another point. Some software developed by Microsoft deserves credit where credit is due. Although I believe Microsoft's software is often bloated and at times lame and sometimes a down right security nightmare. I does get it right on occasions. Window's 7 maybe the latest example. This comes from someone who would love to see linux make a larger footprint in the OS market.

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What are the formats and codecs of the videos? Windows media player can't play as many as the others if I recall correctly.
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I think it is not the picture quality of Windows Media Player that is subject to the critics. It's everything else.

Scary in my opinion is, not knowing what WMP is doing in the background and most of all what information is getting in out to the internet. WMP is very bloated and also subject to many security threads. However, it still is a good player at the front end.

Btw. I love "Fearless"
Best regards, George
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Default Additional Codecs

WMP 12 really improves upon WMP as it has an expanded range of codecs, bringing our favorites, .mp4 and .aac
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What about GOM player? Will you check that. It's all i use, because i prefer only downloading a codec when GOM needs it...
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