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Thumbs up Try this one!

Crapware Free and Cross-Platform ... 4K Video Downloader

It CAN download 4K (IE 4096i ... or 4096 Scan Lines) Video from You tube (AND MANY Many other sites) - HUGE 1 Gigabyte Files: literally in a matter of Minutes. (Ummmm ... I forgot to mention I've got a 30 Megabit/second Internet Cable Connection from Cox for ... like ... $60 a month. With that kind of crazy backbone EXPECT 3 to 6 megaBYTE per second throughput from this little Gem .... )

I Use This Myself. I've stopped looking for better programs and am quite content with my copy. Frequent updates and GOOD Free Support.

This Company is "Up and Coming" in my book.

(Love it or your Money Back! {snicker})
"Software Santa" owes a debt of thanks to Tech Support Alert. Thank You.

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