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Default Mediamonkey editing

I really dislike Media Player 12 on my Win 7 Home Premium laptop.
Won't let me download Media player 9,10,11 because I have a more recent edition loaded ( 12 ).

Have loaded latest Mediamonkey 4 .

In 'Music' folder - I have a number tracks with no song/artist detail.

In old Win Media Players you just click on track, click edit, type song/artist details and its done.

But in Mediamonkey not same.

I right click on a track, a pane appears from top to bottom of screen.
I click options - File Properties Pane top to bottom of screen - enter song title and artist name

Since this pane goes to bottom of screen there is no OK button to confirm the details I've entered.

I return to my music list and no change of track details appear.

Can't find answer in Mediamonkey forum.

Question: How can I edit Artist/ Song Title with media monkey ?

Appreciate advice.
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I thought you were able to change track details by slow left clicking on the corresponding item twice. First left-click to highlight the item and the second one to edit the item within.

That's how most music managers does. By the way am currently using MusicBee, which is superior to the free version of MediaMonkey.
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I'm not sure what "pane" you're talking about?

When I right-click a track in Media Monkey 4 I get a fairly brief context menu with "Properties" at the bottom which opens the file info dialog including Tag editor. Alternatively single click to select a track then Shift+Enter to open the same dialog.

Or as George says, one click to select a track and then another click allows you to edit Tag info in place.

My own favourite fwiw is MP3tag which is very handy if you want to work on bulk-tagging files.
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@sicknero yes I use MP3Tag it's only a small download and does the job great.
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If you need to edit tags, then perhaps a separate tag editor would be good... although MediaMonkey is used by many for tag editing too.

I personally prefer TagScanner:
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See also
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