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Smile Blu-ray player software!

When installing Pot Player it said I needed Codecs for it. I went to the site and downloaded codecs. Then I had DivX and other stuff I didn't want, particularly because they weren't freeware. Uninstalling was impossible. I just want to run Blu-ray movies from my LG/Hitachi drive. The LG software that came with it wouldn't work either; they just wanted my money for Cyber crap. This computer is the most powerful multimedia you can build. I've done maybe 6000 computers but am retired now. I have Crossfire X, SSD's, 32G fastest memory, 2tb drive, etc. Cost was $2500. All I want to do is use my Blu-ray player/burner and stream it to the TV through HDMI. Please help me young techies!!!
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Uninstalling what wasn't possible? I don't think you need external codecs to play Blu-ray with PotPlayer as it already supports playback of Blu-ray discs.

PotPlayer is the best media player to play Blu Ray's. It has got the 3rd place among all the softwares to play Blu-ray at Lifehacker (while all the other ones were commercial)

Although am not sure if it can play encrypted Blu-ray discs. If not you might need an on-the-fly decrypter running in the background (these aren't generally free)

Did you try to play the .m2ts video file with the main movie in PotPlayer?

Now if your PC came with a Blu-ray drive or if you’re buying one for your computer, chances are it came bundled with a Blu-ray software suite like PowerDVD.

You could also convert blu-ray to popular file formats like mkv or avi using a video converter like Xvid4PSP and play them on your media player.
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